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How does AR work?

With AR (Augmented Reality), it becomes possible to overlay information onto reality. This means that you still see the environment as it is, but with the help of a device, you can place something in this environment that is only visible on the device. A well-known mobile application that uses AR is Pokémon Go, which, with the help of the camera and AR, makes it possible to see and find Pokémon in the real world.

As soon as AR is mentioned, other reality technologies are often mentioned as well. The following techniques often come up:

  • Virtual Reality (VR)

  • Mixed Reality (MR)

  • Extended Reality (XR)

Extended Reality

In above image is XR with AR, MR, VR showed. The difference between these techniques and AR is that with VR, it no longer takes place in the current world. You see, hear, and experience a completely different world. A special headset is required to use VR so that the real world is no longer visible.

MR (Mixed Reality) is between AR and VR. Here, a completely new world is not created, but an interplay between digital objects and the physical world is made. This makes it possible to interact with the objects, but at the same time also with the physical world. An example of a product that uses MR is the recently released Apple Vision.

Finally, there is XR (Extended Reality). This stands for all techniques that can create computer-generated environments or objects. This is for the current, but also for future technologies. In above image, the different techniques are shown and to what extent they intersect with each other.